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Photo of Michael D'Alessandro

Michael P. D'Alessandro

Professor,  Radiology

Contact Information

3879 JPP
Iowa City, IA 52242

Phone: +1 319 356 3394
Email: michael-dalessandro@uiowa.edu
Web: Educational Informatics.org


MD, Medicine, Wayne State University
Residency, Diagnostic Radiology, University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics, Iowa City, IA
Fellowship, Pediatric Radiology, Children's Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA


Primary: Radiology

Centers and Program Affiliations

Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Informatics

Research Interests

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Research Summary

Educational informatics is the application of computers to education.

I wish to gain a deeper understanding of learning and to develop new computational tools to think with - that is new computational tools that help people learn new things in new ways.

My goal is to improve patients' care, outcomes and lives; by changing physician's knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors; through the creation and evaluation of tools, techniques, and procedures that shift learning from the classroom and lecture hall to the point-of-care.

Since 1989 I have pioneered the development in medicine of digital textbooks, digital libraries, institutional repositories and communities of practice. I am internationally recognized as an expert in the design, creation, curation, operation and evaluation of digital libraries and communities of practice. My current research is focused on empowering physicians through learning tools that enhance learning at the point-of-care and documenting and preserving this learning to create a personalized learning environment / knowledge management / e-memory system for every physician. This research is deeply interwoven within the fabric of the new discipline of Web Science. My digital libraries include the Virtual Hospital, Virtual Naval Hospital, MedicalStudent.com, PediatricRadiology.com, RadiologyEducation.com, SearchingRadiology.com, PediatricEducation.org and Pediatric Commons. I have won numerous awards for my research and on-line educational resources. My current work can be seen at www.educationalinformatics.org.

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