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Photo of Deqin Ma

Deqin Ma

Clinical Associate Professor,  Pathology

Contact Information

Phone: +1 319 384 5700
Email: deqin-ma@uiowa.edu


MD, Shandong Medical University, Jinan, P.R. China
PhD, Biochemistry, University of Kentucky Medical Center, Lexington, KY
Residency, Anatomic Pathology, National Cancer Institute/National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD
Fellowship, Molecular Genetic Pathology, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, University of Texas, Houston, TX
Fellowship, Surgical Pathology, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA


Primary: Pathology

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Research Interests

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Research Summary

My research interest is primarily focused on developing molecular oncology tests.

Recent Publications

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  1. Uehara, T, Ma, D, Yao, Y, Lynch, J P, Morales, K, Ziober, A, Feldman, M, Ota, H, Sepulveda, A R.  H. pylori infection is associated with DNA damage of Lgr5-positive epithelial stem cells in the stomach of patients with gastric cancer. Dig Dis Sci 2012 Sep 4. [Epub ahead of print]

  2. Ma, D, Chen, Z, Nero, C, Patel, K P, Daoud, E M, Cheng, C, Djordjevic, B, Broaddus, R R, Medeiros, L J, Rashid, A, Luthra, R.  Somatic deletions of the polyA tract in the 3′-UTR of EGFR are common in microsatellite instability-high endometrial and colorectal carcinomas. Arch Pathol Lab Med 136:510-6, 2012.

  3. Ma, D, Darling, T, Moss, J, Lee, C. Histologic variants of periungual fibromas in tuberous sclerosis complex. J Am Acad Dermatol 64(2):442-4, 2011. [PubMed]
  4. Patel, K, Ravandi, F, Ma, D, Paladugu, A, Barkoh, B, Medeiros, L, Luthra, R. Acute myeloid leukemia with IDH1 or IDH2 mutation: frequency and clinicopathologic features. Am J Clin Pathol 135(1):35-45, 2011. [PubMed]
  5. Ma,  D, Chen, Z, Patel, K P, Mishra, B M, Yao, H, Abruzzo, L, Medeiros, L J, Wierda, W, Keating,  M, Sargent, R, Luthra, R. Gain of chromosome 2p25.3 involving the ACP1 gene is frequent in chronic lymphocytic leukemia.  Clinical Lymphoma, Myeloma & Leukemia 11:S17-24, 2011.
  6. Kaetzel, D, Zhang, Q, Yang, M, McCorkle, J, Ma, D, Craven, R. Potential roles of 3'-5' exonuclease activity of NM23-H1 in DNA repair and malignant progression. J Bioenerg Biomembr 38(3-4):163-7, 2006. [PubMed]
  7. Ma, D, Nutt, C, Shanehsaz, P, Peng, X, Louis, D, Kaetzel, D. Autocrine platelet-derived growth factor-dependent gene expression in glioblastoma cells is mediated largely by activation of the transcription factor sterol regulatory element binding protein and is associated with altered genotype and patient survival in human brain tumors. Cancer Res 65(13):5523-34, 2005. [PubMed]
  8. Ma, D, McCorkle, J, Kaetzel, D. The metastasis suppressor NM23-H1 possesses 3'-5' exonuclease activity. J Biol Chem 279(17):18073-84, 2004. [PubMed]
  9. Ma, D, Xing, Z, Liu, B, Pedigo, N, Zimmer, S G, Bai, Z, Postel, E H, Kaetzel, D M. NM23H1 and NM23H2 repress transcription activities of nuclease hypersensitive elements in the platelet-derived growth factor-A promoter.  J Biol Chem 277(2):1560-1567, 2002.
  10. Ma, D, Huang, H, Moscow, J A. Down-regulation of reduced folate carrier gene (RFC1) expression after exposure to methotrexate in ZR-75-1 breast cancer cells. Biochem Biophys Res Commun 279(3):891-7, 2000. [PubMed]