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Alan Stolpen

Associate Professor,  Radiology

Contact Information

Phone: +1 319 353 8686
Email: alan-stolpen@uiowa.edu
Web: Magnetic Resonance Research Facility (MRRF)


MD, Medicine, Harvard Medical School and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Program in Health Sciences and Technology, Boston, MA
PhD, Pharmacology, Harvard University, Boston, MA
Residency, Diagnostic Radiology, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
Fellowship, Body MRI, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
Fellowship, Research Fellowship, Magnetic Resonance Research and Computing Center, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA


Primary: Radiology

Centers and Program Affiliations

Research Interests

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Research Summary

  1. Automated segmentation of 4D cardiovascular MRI data
  2. Cine MRI vs. echocardiography for measurement of the dilated aortic root
  3. Strategies to promote appropriate CT utilization
  4. Cartilage injury in post-traumatic osteoarthritis as assessed by 3T MRI
  5. Metal cluster compounds as high sensitivity MR and CT contrast agents
  6. Ultrahigh field (4-10T) Body MR

Recent Publications

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  1. Johnson, R, Premraj, S, Patel, S, Wahle, A, Stolpen, A, Sonka, M, Scholz, T. Quantitative assessment of the entire thoracic aorta from magnetic resonance images. Cardiol Young 21(2):170-7, 2011. [PubMed]
  2. Ali, S, Stolpen, A, Schmidt, W. Portosystemic encephalopathy due to mesoiliac shunt in a patient without cirrhosis. J Clin Gastroenterol 44(5):381-3, 0. [PubMed]
  3. Zhao, F, Zhang, H, Wahle, A, Thomas, M, Stolpen, A, Scholz, T, Sonka, M. Congenital aortic disease: 4D magnetic resonance segmentation and quantitative analysis. Med Image Anal 13(3):483-93, 2009. [PubMed]
  4. Sheehan, F, Ge, S, Vick, G, Urnes, K, Kerwin, W, Bolson, E, Chung, T, Kovalchin, J, Sahn, D, Jerosch-Herold, M, Stolpen, A. Three-dimensional shape analysis of right ventricular remodeling in repaired tetralogy of Fallot. Am J Cardiol 101(1):107-13, 2008. [PubMed]
  5. Lu, X, Nadvoretskiy, V, Bu, L, Stolpen, A, Ayres, N, Pignatelli, R, Kovalchin, J, Grenier, M, Klas, B, Ge, S. Accuracy and reproducibility of real-time three-dimensional echocardiography for assessment of right ventricular volumes and ejection fraction in children. J Am Soc Echocardiogr 21(1):84-9, 2008. [PubMed]
  6. Nishie, A, Stolpen, A, Obuchi, M, Kuehn, D, Dagit, A, Andresen, K. Evaluation of locally recurrent pelvic malignancy: performance of T2- and diffusion-weighted MRI with image fusion. J Magn Reson Imaging 28(3):705-13, 2008. [PubMed]
  7. Lockhart, M, Fielding, J, Richter, H, Brubaker, L, Salomon, C, Ye, W, Hakim, C, Wai, C, Stolpen, A, Weber, A. Reproducibility of dynamic MR imaging pelvic measurements: a multi-institutional study. Radiology 249(2):534-40, 2008. [PubMed]
  8. Berry, C, Johnson, F, Cabuay, B, Chase, J, Stolpen, A, Bashir, A, Gabriel-Griggs, S, Weiss, R. Images in cardiovascular medicine. Evanescent asymmetrical septal hypertrophy and rapidly progressive heart failure in a 32-year-old man. Circulation 118(8):e126-8, 2008. [PubMed]
  9. Thomas, C, Erlandson, J, Edghill, E, Hattersley, A, Stolpen, A. A genetic syndrome of chronic renal failure with multiple renal cysts and early onset diabetes. Kidney Int 74(8):1094-9, 2008. [PubMed]
  10. Obuchi, M, Ishigami, K, Takahashi, K, Honda, M, Mitsuya, T, Kuehn, D, Stolpen, A, Brown, B, Nishie, A. Gadolinium-enhanced fat-suppressed T1-weighted imaging for staging ureteral carcinoma: correlation with histopathology. AJR Am J Roentgenol 188(3):W256-61, 2007. [PubMed]